The Spirit of Discovery


Originally posted on Mr. Owen's Team:

I recently read an interview with the late great musician Jeff Buckley.  It was posted by another teacher, Jenna Shaw, and it had a few lines that I really connected with and wanted to share with y’all.  Here, he is explaining why he doesn’t include lyrics in his album’s liner notes:

So that instead of people being compelled to read through the blueprint of the songs — instead of them looking at the dance steps ahead of time, they would just go through the dance. So that they would let the songs happen to them. Later on, they will find out what the meaning is, but for now — I mean, you know, we’re just meeting for the first time and it’s better… It’s better to grab your own reality from it right now instead of like, you know, read.

While he is talking about the music when he…

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