I Love My Google Site! (sorry WordPress…)


First, I must say that I am super happy with my WordPress blog here.  It was really easy to get started, with lots of choices for themes, and I like the iphone app too.  But when I made my class website last year, I decided to go with a Google site because I already knew how to do it.   And now that I’ve got it where I want it, I’ll never give it up (…neither will I let it down!).  Here it is y’all (click it and go there if you feel like it):

Things that I love about my Algebra site:

1.  I love that it has all the learning targets and they are neatly organized.  I am going all-in on standards based grading this year, so I want to be totally clear on my “standards.”  If a kid wants to re-assess, they know where to go for info about the learning target.

My units mostly follow Holt McDougal’s OnCore Algebra I worktext. I like how they call it a worktext, heh.

2.  I love that each learning target page has a video (or will eventually, only 1.1 – 1.3 are done so far).  The plan is to get way ahead on the videos within a month or two.  I’m sure I’ll be blogging about my video adventures a ton this year, stay tuned.  Oh yeah, I also have a Disqus comment thread that is embedded in each page (doesn’t work in Chrome, boo!).  So far, no takers.  I think I need to give them more incentive to comment, maybe?

That video there kinda sucks, sorry kids. I promise I’m working on getting better at making them.

3.  I love that it has a built in response system.  At the end of each video, I ask them one question on the topic.  They give me the answer through a Google form that’s embedded.  So far, this has been awesome!  I see who has it and who needs help before they even walk through the door.  It’s also a good quick check on who watched the video.

4.  I think I’m gonna love having students schedule a re-assessment there.  I stole the format from Ramsey Musallam on his flip teaching blog (he’s awesome!).  I want to eventually use his explore-flip-apply model for lessons, but I’m not quite there yet.

So far everything has been working exactly like I want (knock on wood).  My website is really the vehicle that is allowing me to make a run at standards based grading and a flipped class model.  I guess that should be the main reason I love it, but it’s also just kinda pretty 😉

//brag session over.  Thank you for listening.