Reflections 2016-11-1


Computer Science: 

We started learning python today. As expected, it would have been totally impossible to lead the class through the first activity. Everyone was at a different pace and there were a lot of technical difficulties. So it was a good thing that the activity is well written so that they could follow at their own pace.

Mini lessons included:

  • using the up arrow to retrieve the previous command
  • variable types (python assigns them for you)
  • .py files are text files

Intro to Engineering:

I realized today that there is a big skills gap between students who took the Gateway classes and those that didn’t. I don’t think I need to modify the activities in the automaton project, but they will need more time to learn the skills. We continued with the manufacturing a box activity, but no one finished it because they were learning skills and then trying to apply them right away (as opposed to the “Gateway” Ss who have the skills and are just applying them).

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