Reflections 2016-11-2


Computer Science:

The struggle between collaboration and focus is real. We started out ok with just a little talking but it was not enough to mess up someone who was flowing with the activity.  But after about 15 minutes I noticed that the noise level had increased to the point where it was impossible to ignore. How did I notice this? Because it was impossible to ignore! 😉 Maybe the lesson is that 10-15 minutes is a magic number and we need to stay within that time frame for activities in here. Or we might try 10 minutes silence, 2 minutes talking or some other time strategy like that.

We are trying to do our daily reflection in silence in our notebooks today (as opposed to the spreadsheet on the computer) so we packed up the computers and wrote for about 5 minutes. I think this class knew the drill for the most part because they are mostly Engineering students. I think that maybe I should start writing my own reflections in my Engineering notebook as well; that was the point, to model the process right?



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