Reflections Every Day!


At some point last year, I started writing reflections on the board at the end of each day. It was a really good practice that somehow I lost track of over the summer and haven’t done at all this year. But as part of my new no-grades assessment scheme, I am having students do a reflection at the end of each class. How I didn’t put it together that I was supposed to be doing these reflections also (in order to model the practice) is beyond me!

So here I go. I am going to start reflecting at the end of each class (visibly! this is being projected on the board right now as I type).

Computer Science Principles:

Today was a work day on the Project: App Inventor. It was nice to have a full day just to work on the apps, as opposed to trying to fit in a mini lesson or something else. Almost everyone in the class seems to have paired up in some way even though everyone is engaged in the work, so there’s no “well I have nothing to do because so and so is doing everything”. I think this is the right grouping mechanism moving forward:

  • everyone starts creating on their own
  • groups are formed based on interests after they have explored/tested for at least half a class
  • everyone submits their own version of the code

Intro to Engineering:

We started the Automaton Project today by looking at lots of examples like this: pig



Then we discussed the main components of the project, which are the box, the cams, and whatever is on top. I think the pairs that I made for them are going to work. Now that I know the kids a little better, I am able to make pairs based on who is going to work well together.

We also did a basic Arduino project, which I am stupid excited about! They just used a transistor and diode to hook up a motor and a button. Only one group had it working by the end, but that’s what I expected. Next class: troubleshooting!



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