Reflections 2016-10-26


Intro to Engineering:

We got most of our motors working with Arduino today. It was difficult at times to figure out who needed my help the most. I think I need better structures for them to help each other out on a project like this. Or maybe we just need more training in figuring out who can help. Like for this one, it was “whose motor is working already? how did they get it there? what was their troubleshooting process like?”. If I am more explicit about these Qs beforehand next time, maybe it will be easier for them to figure out.

Computer Science:

Another work day for creating apps in App Inventor. It is interesting working on problems along with students and it comes up a lot because I haven’t created many apps myself. The problem of using the “otherScreenClosed” function needs more time to figure out. We tried using the tutorial here but didn’t get it to work overall.


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