SBG = I got this! SBAR = Wait, what?!


SBG = Standards Based Grading

SBAR = Standards Based Assessment and Reporting

Same thing?  Maybe.  Depends on who you ask.  But the second one really gets at the heart of this problem I’ve been having.  And I know I’m not the only one with this issue.  Here goes:

As soon as I began implementing SBAR in my classes, I knew I wanted a system in which kids could work at their own pace and assess when they were ready.  Awesome! Let’s do that.  Well, I’ve got the A and I’ve got the R, but putting them together is a mess!  Here’s the setup:

I’ve been using ExamView for my assessments and it’s been working out great.  Kids take quizzes when they are ready.  You can read about that here. Now, once the assessments are taken, I have to get those assessment scores from ExamView to ActiveGrade, my standards based gradebook.  But it’s not as simple as a cut and paste from one spreadsheet to another. Each student is taking a different set of quizzes each day, and even if they were taking the same quiz, one kid may be on attempt 1 and another on attempt 3.  So the plan I’ve worked out goes like this:

1.) Kids take whichever assessments they are ready for that day (all online, but they turn in constructed response items on paper). The questions change each time they take an assessment.

2.) I score the constructed response items right away.

3.) I enter (by hand) all scores from constructed responses and multiple choice quizzes on a spreadsheet. The spreadsheet has three columns for each learning target (attempts 1-3). That way I can tell how many times that student has done that quiz.

4.) I transfer the scores from the spreadsheet to ActiveGrade.  In AG, I enter “group assessments” called “3.1 Take One” “3.1 Take Two” and “3.1 Take Three.” Then I take the handwritten spreadsheet and match it up to those three “group assessments” entering in scores wherever there are blanks.

The problem is: THIS PROCESS TAKES FOREVER!!  What I need is a system that seamlessly integrates the assessment and the reporting.

To be clear, what I am talking about is a system in which I can create question generators (like what I’m doing now with ExamView Test Generator), give assessments using those generators (like what I’m doing now with ExamView Test Player), have them auto graded (like what I’m doing now with ExamView Test Manager), and then have the results reported in a standards based gradebook for students and parents (like what I’m doing now with ActiveGrade).  See where the disconnect happens there?  ExamView does the assessment and ActiveGrade does the reporting.  Why don’t they talk to each other?  Does anyone know of a software that does this?



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