ExamView for Re-assessments


Sorry if I sound like a commercial in this post, but this software is really helping me assess better and more frequently.  With that said…

If you’ve ever used eInstruction’s ExamView software, you know that certain questions will recalculate values and give you a whole new question.  But did you know that you can create these “question generators” yourself to fit your needs?  It’s true!  You can make multiple choice or constructed response items that will calculate new values with just a click.  With this capability, you can create a quiz that students can retake as many times as you’ll let them.  I’m still planning to let students re-assess in other ways, like presenting in class and making short videos (haven’t tried this one yet, but I want to), but the number of students needing re-assessments on each learning target has been too large to keep up with so far.  This is a way to cut down on the time required to re-assess all those students.  Of course you need the software first, but it comes with a bunch of textbooks, so you might already have it.  Here’s a document that I found (from William McIntosh who works for eInstruction)  with some good instructions on how to get started making your own dynamic questions:

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