Hooray for Desmos!


This idea came out of nowhere and I love it!  So, we were messing around with some linear equations and we had some extra time after they finished the practice problems I had planned.

I remembered that Desmos has these contests for people to make pictures using their graphing calculator.  So I say, “hey class make this”:

I was surprised how quickly they were able to do it.  They didn’t actually restrict the domains, but they made the general shape just fine.  The best part was that they then wanted to know how to color it in.  Well, “coloring it in” on Desmos means shading using inequalities.  And guess what our next lesson just happened to be on.  HA!!  GOTCHA KIDS!!  Now you’re asking me how to do the next thing (instead of me telling you what the next thing is).  Thanks Desmos!

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