Flipclass Reflections So Far


Even though our first day of class was August 16th, I’ve only seen my classes 6 times each.  That seems crazy to me!  But sometimes hurricanes come and you lose a week of school, whatcha gonna do?  Anyways, this is my fourth and final post for the new blogger initiation and I feel pretty darn official now.  Thanks to everyone who had a part in making this happen.  It got me started blogging and now I’m hooked!  So on with it, then…

Mr. Owen:  “…well did you watch the video last night?”

Student:  “I don’t remember.”

And there’s your problem right there, Mr. Owen.  If the student doesn’t remember whether they watched the video, either A. they didn’t watch it or B. They didn’t get it.  So I needed a way to figure out who was falling into one of these categories.

Mathtwitterblogosphere to the rescue!  I checked my Google Reader and found Flipping with Kirch.  She’s been doing this for a while, maybe she can help.  I think I remember her having a form students fill out when they watch her videos.  Yep.  Enter the WSQ (pronounced wisk).  Students Watch, then Summarize, then Question.  Awesome idea Ms Kirch, and thank you for sharing it.  Here’s the form I’m gonna use to implement it:

Here’s how I’m picturing it:

  1. Students come in, take out their WSQ sheets and begin the warm-up activity.
  2. I walk around while they complete the warm-up and I check their WSQ sheets.
  3. I should be able to tell if they A. didn’t watch it because they won’t have anything (I know, unless they copied, that’s another issue though) or B. didn’t get it because they’ll have an incomplete or bad summary.  Also, I can check to see if there are any questions that everyone seems to have and address those right away.

That should address the problem.  I hope.  Also, literacy.  Writing in math class? Booya!

If you read my blog post about my class website, you may remember that I use a Google form to gather data as well.  At the end of each video, I ask a question and they enter their answers in the form.  This has produced some great data, and I’ve been using it in class.  And I plan to continue to use it.  But I like the WSQ because it forces the student to think a little more about the learning target.  Hopefully it’ll get them thinking about the purpose of the video too, not only the content but also its place in the learning cycle.  “Why do we have to watch this video?”  You tell me!

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