That’s a lot of apples!


Hmm, I wonder…

So, this is my first post. I’ve been lurking around the math teacher blogosphere for a while and have been very inspired.  But I was unsure whether or not to join in the fun for the same reasons as everyone else (too busy, not a great writer, …)  Then I got the push I needed from Sam Shah’s new blogger initiation idea.

A few things I’ll be blogging about this year: standards based grading, video lectures at home, and something similar to Dan Meyer‘s 3 act tasks.  Speaking of tasks, those apples up there are gonna be my first one in this year’s Algebra I class.  Here’s to hoping they ask good questions!


6 thoughts on “That’s a lot of apples!

  1. haha i LOVE the subtitle: “NEVER!” I laughed out loud. ZOMG it sounds like you have A LOT to talk about! wow, I am like “here’s a worksheet I made…” and “here’s another worksheet I made.” Can’t wait!

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